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4 Myths about Dental Veneers in Mandurah

4 Myths about Dental Veneers in Mandurah

4 Myths about Dental Veneers in Mandurah

Dental veneers are becoming a very popular cosmetic procedure carried out at the dentist. 

A veneer is a thin piece of either porcelain or composite resin bonded to the front of your natural teeth to correct the alignment, change the colour and enhance the shape of your teeth. 

Dr Eugene, who has been providing dentistry to the people of Mandurah for the past 20 years, is going to put to rest, four myths concerning dental veneers. 


Veneers make your teeth look fake


Badly done veneers do look awful and fake, however expertly crafted veneers look natural and will enhance the beauty of your smile. The colour and the shape of veneers are tailored to suit your face, complexion and personality. 

And these days with modern porcelains and composite resin, professionally crafted veneers look very lifelike and are had to distinguish from real teeth. 


You have to shave my teeth down to pegs to place veneers


With the new age thinner, stronger porcelains, the dentist will only need to shave a fraction of a millimetre off the front of your tooth or in some cases no shaving or grinding is needed, to place veneers. 


You can’t clean or floss around veneers


Correctly crafted and placed veneers will still allow you to brush and floss as normal. Porcelain veneers are placed as individual teeth and blend in seamlessly around the gum to you to easily clean and floss, so you will always have a beautiful smile but a healthy one too. 

Veneers last forever

Neither porcelain nor composite resin veneers will last forever. Porcelain veneers are made of very hard, stain-resistant material and are likely to continue looking good for 12-15 years. 

On the other hand, composite resin veneers, which are made of plastic, look good for 5-7 years. The composite resin material is not as hard as porcelain will show more signs of wear and tear, lose their glossiness and get stained faster over time. 

Changing your smile with veneers is a big step. It is very important to seek a dentist in Mandurah with the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience to deliver this very personalized dental treatment. 

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