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At Platinum Smile Dental, we believe that oral health awareness should start in childhood. Towards that goal, our amazing team of experienced dentists and highly-trained staff has committed to providing only the best children dentistry in Mandurah.

We strive to build a positive experience for your child from the moment you arrive until you leave, and every time you visit! We foster a caring and friendly environment where children can enjoy while learning about good oral habits.

Your dentist Mandurah is here to prove that visits to the dentist can be a fun experience!

Why is Children Dentistry Important

We are strong advocates of preventive dentistry at Platinum Smile Dental. We believe that forming good oral habits early on in life can have a big impact on one’s oral health in the future.

By around 6 months of age your baby’s first tooth will have arrived! This is an exciting time for all parents as teeth play an important role.

Some put little care to their children’s teeth because they are still milk or baby teeth. But that is wrong. On the contrary, milk teeth play a great role in the formation of good and healthy adult teeth.


The following are some of the roles of baby teeth:


Proper chewing

Food needs to be chewed properly for proper digestion and nutrition. Without healthy and complete teeth, your child will have difficulty eating.

Speech Development

Teeth are also speech organs. Children are learning to enunciate words as they grow longer. The oral muscles will have difficulty if the child has missing teeth.

Save the space for the permanent teeth

This is one of the most important roles of the baby teeth. They keep the space for the permanent tooth to erupt. If the tooth is knocked out ahead of time, this can cause crowded teeth later on. This can also delay the eruption of the permanent teeth as bone will develop over the area where the tooth was.

We suggest that you take your child to see a dentist at around this time. Not for any type of treatment but for a dental checkup and examination. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns such as brushing and preventative care.

Porcelain Veneers

What happens during the first visit?

We recommend booking your child’s first dental appointment the moment their first baby tooth erupts or after their first birthday (whichever comes first).

The first visit is very important as this can set a precedent for the rest of his/her dental checkups. That’s why your caring dentist Mandurah and staff make your child feel at home. We have options to ease dental anxiety such as the happy gas. This is completely safe for your little ones.

The first visit will be a regular dental check-up. You will have to fill out your child’s information, this will be the start of his/her dental records.

Your dentist will check for early signs of tooth decay. This is common among children as they are very fond of sweets. The jaw will be checked for signs of bite problems, gummy smile, and misalignment.

At the end of the appointment, we will also be giving oral hygiene tips to improve your child’s dental health. This also includes our recommended diet and nutrition for healthy teeth.

How often should dental check-ups be scheduled?

Dental check-ups are recommended to be conducted twice a year or once every six months. This can be changed if your child has a dental problem that needs to be addressed right away.

During every check-up, your child’s oral health is monitored. Once they reach the age of 4-6, they may be asked to undergo an X-ray. The radiation levels are low and safe for your child. The X-ray will show the entire mouth, and effectively reveal what’s between the teeth and under the gum line.

Dentistry For Kids

Tips to help your child’s first visit, wonderful

The first visit is crucial as this can make your child love dental visits or hate it. Aside from our friendly methods, we also encourage parents to follow these quick and easy tips to help their child have a wonderful experience.

1. Confirm your appointment ahead of time. Mention the date and time to avoid confusion.
2. Read our “new normal” policies pinned on our Facebook page. We recommend that you call us ahead before your visit.
3. If you have other errands, limit them to two, so you’re child wouldn’t be bored and minimise the chance of tantrums.
4. Relax and enjoy the dental visit. Children can easily notice if you’re anxious too, and they can copy that feeling.
5. Explain where you are going and talk to your child about it.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule Mandurah

Give your child the gift of oral health at Platinum Smile Dental with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

The government, in partnership with Medicare, has granted the Child Dental Benefits Schedule providing $1000 – worth of dental services for children in a span of two calendar years.

Eligible children, aged 2- 17 years old, shall receive a confirmation letter from Medicare stating that they are beneficiaries of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

The $1000 grant is good for two calendar years and starts on the child’s first dental visit using the CDBS. At the end of the first year, your child should still be eligible of the program for him/her to continue using the CDBS. Unused credits will not carry over to the next cycle.

The CDBS hopes to raise oral health awareness in children and therefore is focused on preventive dentistry services such as:

Give us a call to discuss this program more with you. We’d love to help!

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Platinum Smile Dental, Your Friendly Children Dentistry in Mandurah

The friendly team of children’s dentists at Platinum Smile Dental in Mandurah work hard to ensure your children are given the highest quality dental care in a comfortable environment. We make dental visits fun for your kids.

Choose Platinum Smile Dental for your child’s oral health today! Make the most of your Child Dental Benefits Schedule in our Mandurah dental clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth play a great role in the formation of good and healthy adult teeth. They play important roles in proper chewing, speech development, and mostly to save the space for the permanent teeth. The last one is one of the most important roles of the baby teeth. They keep the space for the permanent tooth to erupt. If the tooth is knocked out ahead of time, this can cause crowded teeth later on. This can also delay eruption of the permanent teeth as bone will develop over the area where the tooth was.

What happens during the child’s first dental visit?

The first dental visit is a visual inspection. It is a regular dental check-up that includes checking the teeth for early signs of tooth decay; checking of the facial bone; and checking of the jawbone for possible bite problems and signs of teeth misalignment. This will be the time to set up the child’s dental records. We also recommend that parents should prepare questions they want to discuss to their dentist Mandurah.

What happens after the first dental visit?

We encourage parents to schedule their child’s regular dental check-up, which is twice a year or once every six months. During the following check-ups, the child’s oral health will be monitored.

Do you accept the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

Yes! Enjoy our quality dental services that can be availed through the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Bulk bill up to $1000 – worth of dental services for children in a span of two calendar years. Please call us ahead to discuss this program more with you.

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