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Cosmetic Dentist Mandurah

Cosmetic Dentist Mandurah

How to choose a cosmetic dentist in Mandurah

Are you thinking of improving your smile and elevating your confidence and appeal? Looking for a dentist to perform aesthetic work in Mandurah? There is now a myriad of dentists offering cosmetic dental procedures in Mandurah, so how do you know which cosmetic dentist is the right one for you? There are four main ways you can use to make that judgment a little easier:

  1. Qualification and Training 
  2. Experience 
  3. Portfolio of work 
  4. Social proof – ask friends or reading online reviews 

What additional qualification or training has the dentist completed?

The basic dental degree from dental school does not fully equip a dentist to carry out high-level cosmetic work. To do this, a cosmetic dentist needs to gain additional formal qualification or training after graduating from dental school. 

How experienced is the dentist?

Of course, the longer a dentist has been practising the more likely they are to have dealt with a vast number of dental cosmetic problems. Thus, more familiar and experienced with solving and treating those same problems that you have.

Can you view a portfolio of the cosmetic dentist’s actual work?

A cosmetic dentist that maintains good legal records will have high quality before and after photos in a portfolio that you can view. This is an excellent way to assess the dentist’s actual hand skills and eye for detail, shape, colour and symmetry. 

Ask for recommendations or read online reviews

Have any of your friends or family had good cosmetic dental work done? If so, ask them for their advice and recommendation. Also, you read online reviews on dentists in your area to seek other people’s opinions. If you are still looking for an experienced, qualified cosmetic dentist in Mandurah please call us on (08) 9534 7946 and come in to chat with Dr. Eugene our resident cosmetic dental expert and see what modern dentistry can do for your smile and confidence.

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