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Cracked And Chipped Teeth

Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Having a cracked, chipped and missing tooth is very common, and happens for many different reasons. There might not be any pain just yet, but it’s extremely important to get it looked at. Often, these cracks and chips continue to deteriorate leading to extreme pain when they reach the root of your tooth. You don’t want to un-necessarily suffer for a very treatable tooth issue

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It is important you book an appointment with our dentist on (08) 9534 7946 as soon as notice or feel a chip, crack or broken tooth. We advise you to place gauze on the cracked or chipped tooth to prevent biting down and causing further damage. Also, avoid eating or drinking cold food and drinks. Our dentists will assess the damage and type of crack/chip and provide you with a treatment plan to relieve pain and restore functionality. Your X-rays report will show the depth and type of damage you may only require a resin bond but in extreme cases, extraction may be required.

If ignored

Teeth don’t heal themselves and if you ignore them they will gradually worsen and deteriorate. Cracks in teeth can take months or even years to progress, but they won’t stop until you hit a nerve and feel that excruciating pain

Dr. Eugene Khoo

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