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Crooked Misaligned and Gapped Teeth

Your speech smile and self-esteem doesn’t need to suffer because of crooked and misaligned Teeth.
Crooked and misaligned teeth happen due to a plethora of reasons. Mostly occurs due to poor dental hygiene, while some are due to bad habits from your childhood – Thumb sucking, Tongue thrusting and over-use of Pacifiers. Sometimes your genetics could be responsible as well. This trauma of teeth can also lead to serious dental health issues if left untreated.

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Once manifested, there are a few options for treating crooked teeth. Your dentist will do a comprehensive analysis and advise a solution that works perfectly for your situation. We have modern techniques that work much faster and better than traditional braces. These include C-fast, Inman Aligner and Invisalign
As a parent, you can assist in the prevention of crooked and misaligned teeth by ensuring that your child practices proper oral hygiene, avoid bottle feeding and pacifiers longer than required and maintaining your child’s dental check-ups.

If ignored

Not only will crooked and misaligned teeth affect your self-esteem and speech but long-term effects lead to a multitude of dental health problems including tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.

Crooked Misaligned, And Gapped Teeth

Our Top Treatments

C Fast Clear
C-Fast ClearWant straighter teeth minus the embarrassment
Don’t like the idea of having metal buttons and wires on your teeth for around 12 months?

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Inman Aligner
Inman AlignerIn cases where you want to correct the minor crookedness of your front teeth
Our dentists customise a removable plate, which is nearly invisible.

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InvisalignWishing to transform into your best possible smile?
Our dentists specialise in Smile Transformation solutions, personalised just for you.

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