Dental FAQs

Dental Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at my first appointment as a new patient?

Welcome to Platinum Smile Dental! Thank you for choosing us as your trusted family dentists in Mandurah. If you are a new patient and anxious about your first dental appointment, we assure you – there’s no need to be! Your caring Mandurah dentists team led by Dr. Eugene Khoo and associates will make sure you get the best dental experience possible!
On your first dental appointment, our friendly and compassionate receptionist will guide you to our lounge area where your dental history will be recorded. You may be asked questions about your previous dental treatments in the past and complications/allergies (if applicable).
Once our accommodating receptionist has completed your dental history form, you will move to the clinic where your Mandurah dentists will conduct the check up. Dr. Eugene and the team will conduct a thorough check up of your teeth, gums, chewing muscles, any lumps or bumps in your mouth. You may undergo an oral cancer screening as well (if you haven’t already in your previous dental checkups).
To see all areas of your mouth (especially if there are signs of decay), a dental X-ray may be conducted. The X-ray will show if there are developing decay between the teeth or old dental equipment that may need replacement. We’ll also take photos with our intraoral camera, which we display to you on the chair-side monitor.
During your first dental appointment, we highly encourage you to talk to our caring dentist. Discuss any current dental problems that you may have, example, a toothache. This way, your dentist will check to see what’s causing it. If you have any problems or concerns about the dental treatments in Mandurah, you can also discuss this with your dentist.
Your Mandurah dentist will discuss the state of your oral health, and will give you a personalised dental plan. The dental plan includes the possible dental treatments you need as well as oral hygiene practices you should observe at home.
That’s how smoothly and meaningful your first dental appointment is at Platinum Smile Dental. No nasty surprises! The only thing left to do is schedule your next regular dental check up. Looking forward to your visit!
To learn more about what happens in your first visit, read our New Patient page.

Is there parking available in your dental clinic?

Platinum Smile Dental is conveniently located at 3/55 Murdoch Dr, a prime location in Mandurah, West Australia. We have FREE onsite parking available for you.

Platinum Smile Dental is close to everything — Meadow Springs, Lakelands, Halls Head, Falcon, Pinjarra, Ravenswood and Madora.

Which health funds do you accept at Platinum Smile Dental?

At Platinum Smile Dental Mandurah, we want you to get the dental treatment you need without through hoops and circles!
We welcome all Australian health funds in the office. To avail our quality dental treatments with your health fund, simply bring your health fund card with you on your dental appointment. Our friendly receptionist will help you claim back straight away with our Mandurah HICAPS facility.

Can I use my Medicare card at the Mandurah dentist?

Yes you can. Medicare covers the cost of children’s dentistry for eligible families under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), up to $1000 per child. To know more about the services covered please read our “Child Dental Benefits Schedule” page.

Are there available government-funded benefits in your office?

The Australian Government in partnership with Medicare aims to strengthen children’s oral health foundation by creating the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
Under this program, eligible children aged 2-17 years old are given up to $1000 worth of children dentistry to be availed in a period of two calendar years.
Eligible children shall receive a mail stating that they are covered by the program. The child has to maintain eligibility for two years.
Not all children dentistry services can be availed through the CDBS. Its focus is on preventive dentistry – dental check ups and clean, fissure sealants, and dental fillings among others.
To know more about the services covered under CDBS, read our Child Dental Benefits Schedule page here.

How often should I see my Mandurah dentist for a dental check up?

We highly recommend scheduling a dental check up once every six months. In each visit, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive dental examination. You may be required to see your dentist more often if you are undergoing a dental treatment, example Gum disease treatment.

Some people fail to see the advantage of regular dental check ups, thinking that there is no need for it because they have no dental issues. Unfortunately, this is not correct. A lot can happen between your first 6th monthly dental check up and your next appointment. Dental check ups are the best preventive dentistry service — it catches the signs of any dental issue in its earliest stage. Treatment can start right away with no further damage to your teeth!

The accumulated cost of regular dental check ups far outweigh the other alternatives or dental equipment. At Platinum Smile Dental, prevention is always better than cure.

What are my options to achieve straighter teeth in Mandurah?

Gone are the days when you have to bear unflattering dental braces to correct teeth alignment. At Platinum Smile Dental, you can achieve straighter teeth using clear, invisible trays!

You can choose among Invisalign, C-fast, and Inman Aligners if you’re looking for options that do not have the “train track” look.

Invisalign are removable, clear aligners that should be worn 20-22 hours a day. The trays are customised to your size and made from SMARTtrack technology for optimum performance. With Invisalign, your dream smile is ready in as fast as 6 months.

C-Fast Clear braces are popular among adults because they are efficient and deliver fast results. Most of the time, you can see results within 4-6 months.

Inman Aligners are best for correcting minor crookedness to your front teeth. Your dentist Mandurah will customise a removable, nearly invisible plate. Although the plate must be worn at least 16 hours of the day, your teeth will be aligned and corrected within 2-4 months.

To know the best option for you, schedule your dental appointment today! Dr Khoo will explain each one to you and help you decide the best option to deliver your desired results.

How do I know if I have bad breath and what causes it?

Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be quite a tricky dental issue. Without visiting your caring Mandurah dentist, you may have to rely on your honest loved ones to tell you the truth. And not everyone is brave enough to do that!
Our own nose is desensitised to the scent of our breath that’s why it can be tricky to determine. A simple and reliable test is licking a part of your wrist and letting it dry. After a couple of seconds, smell it. If it stinks that you might have bad breath.
Bad breath can be caused by another underlying dental problem plaguing your teeth. Gum disease, tooth decay, and dental abscess are just some of the dental problems accompanied by bad breath. The bacteria attacking your teeth will also give off a bad scent.
Another dental problem is dry mouth. This is the significant decrease of saliva supply in the mouth. Saliva does not only function as an aid in digestion but also coats the teeth with flouride left by your mouthwash or toothbrush session. Saliva also washes the food particles left on the teeth.

So how can I prevent bad breath?

Preventing bad breath starts at home, with you. Below are some of the tips to avoid bad breath:

Good oral hygiene Brush your teeth after every meal. Clean all the areas of your mouth for at least two minutes. We highly recommend using an electronic toothbrush and setting the timer to two minutes. Or you can just sing Happy Birthday in your head, that should be good too. Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid abrasion. Scrape your tongue to remove the bacteria accumulating there too.

Floss Brushing is not enough. Floss your teeth before bedtime to remove the food residue stuck in between your teeth.

Mouthwash Wrap up your routine with a mouthwash. Check with your Mandurah dentist to know the best mouthwash for you.

Sugar free gum Avoid snacking on sugary foods and snacks. If you have to, choose sugar-free candies or crisp snacks like apples. Gum that is 100% xylitol-sweetened can help reduce cavities while giving you cool and fresh breath.

Visit Platinum Smile Dentist Mandurah regularly Take advantage of our quality preventative services at Platinum Smile Dental. Avoid dental problems altogether by showing up for your regular dental check ups. Your dentist Mandurah will check your teeth for any dental issue and help you keep your pearly whites at their best.

How often should I floss my teeth?

Flossing your teeth should be done everyday, preferably before you sleep. Floss in between the teeth where food may be stuck or were not reached by your toothbrush.

My teeth are badly stained – can you help?

Teeth discolouration can be extrinsic or intrinsic.
Extrinsic (external) stains are usually caused by external factors such as diet (fondness for tea, soda, citrus), smoking, and plaque buildup. When the stain is on the surface of the teeth, the discolouration can easily corrected through:

  • A scale and polish to remove unsightly marks
  • An adjustment and polish of stained filling edges
  • Teeth whitening treatment

Intrinsic (internal) stains may be more complicated. Some causes are old, leaky amalgam fillings, trauma, and genetic conditions. In this case, your cosmetic dentist Mandurah at Platinum Smile Dentist can still help. You may:

  • Replacing old metal amalgam fillings with white fillings (tooth-coloured resin fillings)
  • Internal whitening of previously root-treated teeth
  • Dental crowns and dental veneers to mask underlying stains

When should my child first visit the dentist?

Achieving optimum oral health does not happen overnight. It should be instilled as early as during childhood.

At Platinum Smile Dentist Mandurah we recommend that children first visit our Mandurah city dentists when their baby teeth start to come through or before the child’s second birthday. 

You can  start cleaning their baby teeth by wiping them with gums or brushing their teeth appropriate for the age.


What is the best way to replace my missing teeth?

Dental implants have long been recognised the best cost-effective tooth-replacement. These durable replacements closely mimic natural teeth in strength and appearance.

Dental implants can be used for single tooth replacement or as an anchor for dental prosthetics in case of multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jaw bone, and over a period of months are fully accepted as part of your biological make-up. They then form a permanently solid foundation for prosthetic tooth replacements such as dental crowns.

At Platinum Smile Dental, we also offer All-on-4-dental implants. This combines the benefits of dentures and dental implants in one revolutionary dental solution.

How Much are the dental service/treatment at Platinum Smile Dental Mandurah?

We highly encourage you to talk to our helpful Mandurah team at Platinum Smile Dental to learn more about the cost for dental treatment. As we always tailor our work according the your needs, the fees for dentistry will vary depending on the treatment required, materials used and level of complexity.

Below is a quick price range guide for the popular dental services offered at Platinum Smile Dental, your affordable dentist in Mandurah.

Dental implants cost – High-grade dental implants expertly placed at very competitive prices. Our natural looking, rock solid dental implants start from $4000 per tooth compared to $6000 in other dental clinics.

We also offer All-on-4 dental implants – an innovation that combines the benefits of dentures and implants in one durable dental solution.

Dental veneer cost – Our beautiful, natural-looking, bespoke veneers are available as composite or porcelain. Both will give you the perfect smile for many years into the future.

Our composite veneers range from $400-$500/tooth, while our porcelain veneers are $1100-$1350/tooth. To know more about the differences between the two and which would suit you better, read our “Composite Veneers” and “Porcelain Veneers” page.

Tooth extraction or wisdom tooth extraction – Getting a tooth/wisdom tooth removed ranges between $165 – $600, depending on the level of difficulty and complexity of the surgery.

Please attend our clinic for a consultation so we can give a fixed price for the treatment. And if you already have an X-ray of the tooth, bring it along too.

Dental fillings – Durable, tooth coloured, metal-free fillings range between $120 – $400, depending on the size and the material used.

Professional deep cleaning for your gum health – A regular professional cleaning of your teeth starts from $108. However, if you have preexisting gum disease you may benefit from a deeper clean from our expert hygienist. Deep cleaning ranges from $216 – 400 for the entire mouth often under the aid of local anesthetic (numbing).

Dental check-up Mandurah cost – avoid pain and expensive, complex dentistry by having regular dental check-ups at your affordable Mandurah dentist for only $58. Get a customised dental treatment plan for you and your family in Mandurah without denting your wallet with our affordable dental check-ups.

Get these and more at Platinum Smile Dental. Don’t let the dental cost stop you from reaching optimum oral health and your best smile possible. Experience the Platinum Smile advantage through our interest-free payment plans. We accept cash, credit card, Health funds, DentiCare, AfterPay, and SuperCare for your dental needs! To learn more about our interest-free payment plans, read here.
Talk to our caring team today! We’ll help you set up the best payment option for you and your family in Mandurah. Platinum Smile Dental is your affordable dental partner servicing Mandurah, Meadow Springs, Lakelands, Halls Head, Falcon, Pinjarra, Ravenswood and Madora.

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