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Dental Filling

Dental Fillings

Fillings are done to seal off any cavities in your mouth after the dentist cleans out the decay and bacteria. This prevents any further damage and ensures that the decay doesn’t progress deeper into your tooth.
At Platinum Smile our dentists choose not to use mercury fillings due to their negative effect on your health and the environment. You have a choice of resin, porcelain or gold to fill your tooth. Your dentist can discuss the best option in the clinic at the time.

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Dental Fillings may be your best option for…

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal TreatmentIntricate, complex work, dealing with very fine nerve canals
Sometimes an infection can appear inside your tooth, under the hard white enamel and has infected your tooth and gone to the roots of your teeth.

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Cracked And Chipped Teeth
Crooked TeethCrowding of teeth is often inherited from our parents
Mostly happens due to mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking

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Tooth Decay and Plaque
Tooth Decay and PlaqueA clear sticky substance that forms on your teeth, daily
Decay and Plaque slowly eat away at your tooth. Starting from the outer layer, causing permanent damage, till they reach the roots. Sadly, that’s when it’s too late.

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Dr. Eugene Khoo
How much is a filling?

This is a tough one to answer without actually looking at the tooth. But fillings at our clinic start from $120, depending on the size, complexity and material used.

Dr. Eugene is always happy to discuss the fees at your appointment before he begins working on your tooth.

I have old silver mercury fillings. Do I need to have them all removed and replaced?

Although Dr. Eugene doesn’t place mercury fillings anymore, he doesn’t advocate that they should all be removed either. Unless the tooth with the filling has an existing problem such as decay, leakage or is broken.

So, replacing all your silver mercury fillings is a personal choice that you need to make.

And if you would like that done, Dr. Eugene is happy to discuss what non-metallic materials would be good to restore your teeth with.

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