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Happy Gas

Happy Gas

At platinum smile, we wish to make your dental visits more pleasant; we offer happy gas or nitrous oxide gas which is safe, trailed and tested; it is a way of reducing anxiety and nervousness during dental treatments.

Happy Gas may be your best option for…

Mental Anxiety
Dental AnxietyAnxious about Pain and Discomfort?
Making you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your dental experience.

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Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal TreatmentIntricate and complex work
Sometimes an infection can appear inside your tooth, under the hard white enamel and has infected your tooth and gone to the roots of your teeth.

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Childrens Dentist Mandurah
For KidsA very caring and friendly approach to kids dentistry
Build A Positive Experience For Your Child.

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Dr. Eugene Khoo
What is involved and what should I expect?

A comfortable nasal hood is placed over the nose and a mixture of happy gas and oxygen is breathed in.

The gas only needs a few minutes before you will start to experience a “floating” feeling. Once this desired state of relaxation has been achieved, your dental treatment will commence as normal. Local anesthetic injection will often still used to keep you more comfortable for the work.

Can I drive after the appointment?

Once your dental treatment is complete, the happy gas is turned off and only pure oxygen is delivered via the nasal mask. And within three to five minutes the “floating” feeling disappears and you return back to normal.

You will be able to drive yourself home on the day itself and carry on your daily routines as normal. Nausea and other after effects are very rare.

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