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Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation

Would you like to remember little or nothing from your dental visit?
Platinum dental, have an effective and efficient way of providing the highest level of anxiety relief and pain control during dental procedures. A medical doctor trained in sedation will attend your appointment to provide this service, Intravenous sedation.

IV Sedation may be your best option for…

Mental Anxiety
Dental AnxietyAnxious about Pain and Discomfort?
Making you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your dental experience.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Wisdom Tooth RemovalMinimum impact and fast recovery times
Most common long-term solution

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Childrens Dentist Mandurah
For KidsA very caring and friendly approach to kids dentistry
Build A Positive Experience For Your Child.

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Dr. Eugene Khoo
What should I expect during and after sleep dentistry?

During your sedation you will be in a relaxed, tranquil state where you snooze or sleep through the procedure. The great thing about Sleep Dentistry is that while you mind is snoozing, your body is actually conscious and maintains control of its own breathing.

In order to start the sedation, the doctor will place a small cannula into a vein in your forearm or back of the hand. This is actually easy and all you might feel is a tiny scratch, if you are concerned about this part, you can have an anesthetic cream/patch placed on your arm an hour before the appointment so that you don’t even feel the scratch at all.

Once you are sedated, your dentist will use local anesthetics in the mouth if needed. But by that time, you are already asleep and won’t remember or feel a thing.

When the dental treatment is completed?

The doctor will wake you up. Most people will 15 -20 minutes to fully arouse and after that once the doctor is satisfied will your state of awareness you may leave the clinic. Drowsiness on the day of your appointment is to be expected.

Most people feel refreshed and very relaxed. Some feel slight nausea, this is due to the fact they have not eaten and normally this goes away after some eating and having a little to water to drink.

Because of this, you should not drive for 24 hours after the sedation and we require that someone drive to the clinic and take you home after.

What is the difference between General Anaesthesia and Sleep Dentistry?

In sleep dentistry, you will either be so relaxed that you think you are sleeping or you will actually snooze and sleep. Even though your mind is sleeping, your body is conscious and controls its own breathing.

The difference in general anaesthesia is your body is rendered completely unconscious that a machine does breathing for you. This must be done in a hospital setting, whereas Sleep Dentistry is easily carried out at your dentist.

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