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Root Canal Treatment Mandurah

Root canal treatment is intricate, complex work, dealing with very fine nerve canals in one or more of your teeth. It is a dental procedure that saves your natural tooth from extraction by removing the infected dental pulp.

The success rate of root canal treatment is generally high. Those who undergo the procedure can expect 90-95% success rate, with the tooth lasting a long time with proper care and good oral hygiene.

If you have an infected dental pulp and want to save your natural tooth, root canal treatment may be the right option for you! Talk to your caring dentist Mandurah today to learn more about the procedure.

The tooth structure

Your tooth has layers that can be categorized into two – the crown and the root. The crown is the visible part of the tooth and sits above the gumline. The root rests beneath the gum line and is not visible.


Tooth Enamel

This is the outward surface that covers the dental crown. The enamel is the hardest bodily tissue and is second to the diamond as the hardest substance in the world.



This is the second layer of the dental crown and is a tissue that connects the dental crown and the root. Dentin is softer than the enamel and has a small tube of tissue fluid called the dentinal tubule

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This part covers the surface of the root and connects the bone to the tooth through the periodontal ligament. The cementum is also hard, comparable to the hardness of bone


Dental pulp

The dental pulp is the tooth’s nerve. This tissue contains blood vessels, nerve fibers, and lymph vessels that transport the nutrients to the dentin


Periodontal ligament

Consists mainly of fibrous tissue, the periodontal ligament joins the root and the alveolar bone in the mouth. This prevents the bone from directly being directly affected by the force exerted by the teeth when chewing.


Alveolar bone

This is the bone supporting the tooth. This is where the tooth is implanted and is the one affected by advanced periodontal disease.


Gums or Gingiva

In a root canal treatment, the infection is in the dental pulp

Stained Or Discoloured Teeth

What Causes Infected Dental Pulp

The dental pulp reaches from the pulp chamber down to the bottom of the root canal. That’s why if it is infected, the entire space will have to be disinfected to stop the damage.

The dental pulp oversees the growth and development of the tooth during childhood. Once the tooth is fully grown, the nutrition for the tooth comes from the tissues surrounding the tooth root.

By then, the tooth can function without the dental pulp but it still wouldn’t be a dead tooth. With proper care and needed reinforcement, they last a long time.

Below are some of the factors that can cause damage to the dental pulp:

Developing decay under a dental filling

Tooth trauma caused by contact sports or accidents


If you have any of the above conditions, we recommend that you seek the help of your compassionate dentist Mandurah right away. We have comprehensive root canal treatment in Mandurah

Symptoms of tooth pulp damage or disease

A damaged dental pulp can have the following telling signs:

Sudden and unprovoked pain on the tooth

Tooth sensitivity

Difficulty in biting or chewing

Loose tooth

Dental abscess

Bitter taste in the mouth

Bad breath

Not all infections have symptoms. The only way to determine these cases is through dental X-ray done during a regular dental check-up.

Stained Or Discoloured Teeth
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The Root Canal Procedure

The RCT or the root canal treatment removed the infected tooth and reinforces the strength of the damaged tooth. You may need more than one visit to complete the procedure. This can be dependent on the complexity of the procedure and your current oral health state. The procedure goes through four stages:


Stage 1 - Removing the infection

After the dental check-up and your dentist Mandurah has determined the best way to perform the RCT, the procedure commences by removing the infected the pulp. The decayed pulp and other damaged debris are removed


Stage 2 - Treating and Shaping the root canal

After the infected area is removed, the empty root canal is smoothed out to make it harder for bacteria to cling to. They are shaped to smooth, hollow tunnels are made sure that no bacteria remains. The are is disinfected and may be repeated several times.

Stained Or Discoloured Teeth

Stage 3 - Filling the canals

After the newly shaped root canals are cleaned and prepared, your excellent dentist Mandurah will fill the empty canal with a dental filling.

Stained Or Discoloured Teeth

Stage 4 - Capping

To restore the tooth’s strength and make sure no bacteria can reach the treated tooth, a dental crown may be needed to cap and seal the tooth. This is because a considerable amount of natural tooth is removed, so to bring back its strength and beauty, a dental crown is added.

Our dental crowns are made of quality-grade materials. Crowns are durable and natural-looking, you can’t tell its difference from a natural tooth.

In some complicated cases, when we know you require a specialist, our dentists will refer you to a Root Canal Specialist. We want the best care for you when you visit our clinic and leave, we only recommend the best specialist that can get the job completed.

Your Root Canal Procedure is performed under local anesthetic and you will be numb the whole time. Our dentists will make you feel comfortable before, during, and after the whole procedure. You won’t feel a thing.

Root canal treatment is an effective restorative treatment that saves your natural tooth and reinforces strength. Its success rate is 90-95% and can last a long time with proper care.

Results You Can Trust

Before & After

After Root Canal TreatmentAfter Root Canal Treatment

The longer you delay the treatment, the greater teh damage to your tooth until they can no longer be saved through RCT. If left untreated, the infected tooth can result to the following complications:


Tooth loss

The infection may become too great that your dentist will no other option but to extract it. Missing tooth has its own disadvantages too, that’s why a dental implant may be added in its place.


Spreading infection

The infection can spread to the bone as the bacteria multiplies in the pulp chamber where it progresses to a severe infection or “endodontic abscess”.

Stained Or Discoloured Teeth

Bite changes

With the tooth loosing its strength and the bone infected as well, you will have difficulty eating or chewing your foods.


Bad breath

The dental abscess give off a foul smell that can only be relived once the pus is removed and the cause addressed.

Root Canal treatment may be your best option for…

Tooth Ache

Tooth Ache

First Signs Of Much Bigger Potential Problems
Causes for your tooth-ache could range from a recent crack and chip, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay.
Dental Veneers Mandurah

Tooth Decay And Plaque

A Clear Sticky Substance That Forms On Your Teeth, Daily
Decay and Plaque slowly eat away at your tooth. Starting from the outer layer, causing permanent damage, till they reach the roots. Sadly, that’s when it’s too late.
Tooth Decay And Plaque

Worn Down Teeth

Are You Suffering From The Effects Of Worn-Down Teeth?
This also affects your self-esteem and self-confidence.
Save your natural tooth with root canal treatment at Platinum Smile Dental. Dont give up on your tooth just yet, with the help of your caring dentist Mandurah, we can still save your pearly whites.

Talk to us today to begin your consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RCT painful?

At Platinum Smile Dental, we take pride in our painless and comfortable dental procedures. The RCT is performed under local anesthetic and you will be numb the whole time. Our dentists will make you feel comfortable before, during and after the whole procedure. You won’t feel a thing.

We have dental anxiety solutions to make your appointment comfortable and a wonderful experience.

How much recovery time does the RCT need?

You may experience mild pain for the next few days following your RCT. Your caring dentist Mandurah will set proper expectations after the procedure. We recommend that you avoid strenuous activities while you recover. If the pain lasts longer than three days, please see your dentist Mandurah for a follow up check up.

How long do RCT last?

The success rate of root canal treatment is generally high. Those who undergo the procedure can expect 90-95% success rate, with the tooth lasting a long time with proper care and good oral hygiene.

Does my tooth really need a dental crown after my RCT?

A crown is recommended to strengthen your tooth after root canal.
This is because teeth that need root canal treatment in the first place, are usually the ones that are badly decayed, broken down or have been filled many times before.
Also the centre of the tooth has been “bored out” to get to the infected nerve in the middle of the tooth. This leave very little actual tooth to support a filling thus crown are recommended.

Why am I being recommended to a specialist?

Root canal treatment is intricate, complex work, dealing with very fine nerve canals in your tooth.

Sometimes Dr. Eugene will refer to a root canal specialist known as an Endodontist to bypass a blockage in the nerve canal, locate very fine nerve canals or deal with a stubborn recurrent infection.

Will my RCT treated tooth become dark in colour?

This is one possible side effect of root canal treatment.

The tooth can take on a more yellow or greyish colour over time. If this is a concern a porcelain crown or veneer can be used to cover or mask the darkness. Alternatively, a process known as “internal tooth bleaching” can also be used to improve the appearance of the tooth.

If you can a tooth that has turn dark with root canal and want to know your treatment options, Dr. Eugene would be happy to discuss them with you.

How much does the RCT cost?

It depends on the complexity of the procedure and the needed restorative equipment after. Please talk to our caring team to discuss the ballpark figure.

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