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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is intricate, complex work, dealing with very fine nerve canals in one or more of your teeth.

Sometimes an infection can appear inside your tooth, under the hard white enamel and has infected your tooth and gone to the roots of your teeth.
At this later stage, you will have two choices – Either extract the infected tooth clean our the root and install a implant or save the tooth by performing a root canal treatment or RCT.

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Before Root Canal TreatmentAfter Root Canal Treatment


Your dentist will discuss the process in detail with you when they have confirmed the extent of the damage. This is the only option to still save the infected tooth where the infection is too serious.

Your infected teeth will be opened through the hard crown to access the soft part of the tooth, then the infected pulp is removed and the opening is filled. Sometimes this procedure will need to happen over many different sessions but it has a 100% success rate.

Your dentist will recommend a crown to strengthen your tooth after your root canal and provide support and protection to the affected tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

In some complicated cases, when we know you require a specialist, our dentists will refer you to a Root Canal Specialist. We want the best care for you when you visit our clinic and leave, we only recommend the best specialist’s that can get the job completed.

Your Root Canal Procedure is performed under local anesthetic and you will be numb the whole time. Our dentists will make you feel comfortable before, during and after the whole procedure. You won’t feel a thing.

Dr. Eugene Khoo
Does my tooth really need crown after root canal treatment has been completed?

A crown is recommended to strengthen your tooth after root canal.

This is because teeth that need root canal treatment in the first place, are usually the ones that are badly decayed, broken down or have been filled many times before.

Also the centre of the tooth has been “bored out” to get to the infected nerve in the middle of the tooth. This leave very little actual tooth to support a filling thus crown are recommended.

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Why has my dentist referred me to a root canal specialist?

Root canal treatment is intricate, complex work, dealing with very fine nerve canals in your tooth.

Sometimes Dr. Eugene will refer to a root canal specialist known as an Endodontist to bypass a blockage in the nerve canal, locate very fine nerve canals or deal with a stubborn recurrent infection.

I heard having root canal treatment is painful?

There should be no discomfort during the actual procedure.

However, in some cases some people will experience mild discomfort after the treatment that may last for 2-5 days. Most of the time, the discomfort can be controlled by taking pain relief or anti-infllammtoryies. Dr. Eugene will discuss what level of discomrt to expect after and what pain relief to control it when performing this type of treatment.

Remember, your comfort is his number one priority.

Will my root canalled tooth become dark in colour?

This is one possible side effect of root canal treatment.

The tooth can take on a more yellow or greyish colour over time. If this is a concern a porcelain crown or veneer can be used to cover or mask the darkness. Alternatively, a process known as “internal tooth bleaching” can also be used to improve the appearance of the tooth.

If you can a tooth that has turn dark with root canal and want to know your treatment options, Dr. Eugene would be happy to discuss them with you.

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