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Tooth Ache

Tooth Ache

Toothaches are the first signs of much bigger potential problems that will cause discomfort and make you miserable. Panadol and Pain medication simply hides the pain, but the dental issue has already manifested itself.
Causes for your tooth-ache could range from a recent crack and chip, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay. However, recent Orthodontic Treatments, Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Worn Teeth and Loose Fillings could play a part too

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Please call our reception on (08) 9534 7946 and request an Urgent Appointment, explaining that you have tooth pain. Our dentists will do a thorough dental examination to pinpoint the underlying cause of your condition, complete with X-rays. Once the cause of your pain is determined, our dentists will explain this to you as clearly as possible and request your permission to start your treatment. Minor issues like fillings, cavities, cracks can usually be resolved within a week, whereas major issues and gum diseases take more time. One way or the other, you will feel better

If ignored

Ignoring a toothache will lead to higher intensity, frequency and impact. What started as a slight pain will become constant and sharp throbbing pain. It may spread to other teeth and lead to easily avoidable dental complications. This one, you can’t walk off and treat with Panadol!

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Our Top Treatments

Dental Fillings
Dental FillingsPrevents any further damage
We choose not to use mercury fillings due to their negative effect on your health and the environment.

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Regular Check-up & Clean
Regular Check-upPrevention is always better than cure
Important to keep your dental health as great as possible.

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Professional Deep Cleaning
Professional Deep CleaningSpecialised instruments to clean your teeth and remove all the tartar in the hard to reach places.
Have regular professional cleans to prevent gum disease, bad breath and other hygiene problems.

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