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Tooth Decay And Plaque

Tooth Decay and Plaque

Plaque is a clear sticky substance that forms on your teeth, daily. Plaque houses bacteria, who release acids, which slowly break down your teeth causing tooth decay. It is a slow, but a gradual process where symptoms of tooth decay won’t occur until you have a cavity or infected tooth.  Decay and Plaque slowly eat away at your tooth. Starting from the outer layer, causing permanent damage, till they reach the roots. Sadly, that’s when it’s too late.

Results You Can Trust


Although our dentists will remove any plaque build-up on your teeth at your 6-monthly dental clean and check-up appointment, regular brushing and flossing will make sure it stays that way. The best solution is to maintain healthy brushing habits to protect that layer of plaque from building on your teeth in the first place. If you are already showing signs of tooth decay, it is critical that you call us on (08) 9534 7946 and make an appointment. We are able to diagnose the issue and explain the various treatment options depending on the severity.

If ignored

Ignoring this is like ignoring a minor, very treatable issue and letting it manifest and grow into a much bigger issue – One that will cause irreversible damage to your tooth and gums. When decay and plaque are ignored, they continue to eat away at your teeth. Beginning from the outer layer then working through to the middle layer and eventually find the centre of your teeth where all the nerves and vessels are. This will result in pulsating pain which will affect your day to day life and may lead to infection, loss of teeth, eventual bone damage and tissue loss.


Our Top Treatments

Regular Check-up & Clean
Regular Check-upPrevention is always better than cure
Important to keep your dental health as great as possible.

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Professional Deep Cleaning
Professional Deep CleaningSpecialised instruments to clean your teeth and remove all the tartar in the hard to reach places.
Have regular professional cleans to prevent gum disease, bad breath and other hygiene problems.

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Dental Fillings
Dental FillingsPrevents any further damage
We choose not to use mercury fillings due to their negative effect on your health and the environment.

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